Manav Sangrahalaya, One of Its Kind | Class 8 | English | C15

MP Board Class 8 English Chapter 15 Manav Sngrahalay : One of its Kind

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Lesson - 15

Manav Sangrahalaya: One of Its Kind

Textual Exercise

Word Power

1. Give one word for the following:

(a) A building in which objects of artistic, cultural, historical or scientific interest are kept.

(b) The period of time in history before information was written down.

(c) The place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found

(d) A picture that is made by using a camera that has a film sensitive to light inside it ……………

(e) A short journey made for pleasure, especially one that been organized for a group of people …………….


(a) Museum

(b) Prehistoric

(c) Habitat

(d) Photograph

(e) Excursion.

2. Fill in the missing letters in the following words:

(a) d_p_cts

(b) m_gn_f_c_nt

(c) _xc_ _rs_ _n

(d) th_ m_

(e) w_nt_r

(f) t_m_rr_ w

(g) _r_g_n_l

(h) s_sp_ct

(i) sp_c_ _l

(j) c_mm_n_t_s


(a) depicts

(b) magnificent

(c) excursion

(d) theme

(e) winter

(f) tomorrow

(g) original

(h) suspect

(i) special

(j) communities.


1. Choose the right answer to complete these sentences

(a) Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya was initially set up in ………….

(i) 1979 in Bhopal

(ii) 1977 in New Delhi

(iii) 1976 in Mumbai

(iv) 1979 in New Delhi

(b) Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya is situated on of

(i) Shyamla Hills.

(ii) Arera Hills.

(iii) Idgah Hills.

(iv) Museum Hills.

(c) The hill is one of a continuous chain hills.

(i) thirty-one.

(ii) thirty-six.

(iii) thirty-three.

(iv) thirty-four.

(d) The museum is spread on an area of ………

(i) 197 acres.

(ii) 195 acres.

(iii) 190 acres.

(iv) 192 acres.

(e) The main entrance of Indira Gandhi Manav Sangrahalaya is of

(i) traditional desert village style.

(ii) traditional Himalayan village style.

(iii) traditional coastal village style.

(iv) traditional desert city style.

2. Answer the questions given below:

(a) Why were Rohit and Rani not very excited that day?

Ans. Rohit and Rani were not excited that day because the winter vacation was coming to an end yet there was still no plan in sight.

(b) What in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya?

Ans. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya is a museum.

(c) Where is it situated?

Ans. It is situated in Bhopal.

(d) What is parole?

Ans. Parole is a wonderful gate constructed in a traditional Himalayan village style.

(e) What do you know about Veethi Sankul?

Ans. Veethi Sankul is one of the main museum buildings based on the theme of human evolution...

(f) What makes this museum different from others?

Ans. This Museum preserves folk-art, and tribal communities, their habitats, their cultural diversities and their relationship with nature. This fact makes this museum different from others.

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