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MP Board Class 8 Hindi Sugam Bharti, Lesson 11 The Cherry Tree Question Answers

Lesson - 11

The Cherry Tree

Textual Exercise

Word Power

(A) Arrange the above words in alphabetical order.


  1. breeze
  2. bulging
  3. haunches
  4. mantis
  5. outskirts
  6. pebbles
  7. plod
  8. promptly
  9. scramble
  10. scythe
  11. sprinkling
  12. swish
  13. tang
  14. whisper

(B) Complete the spellings of the words that have the following meanings:

  1. mixture of gases surrounding the earth
  2. upper layer of the earth in which plants grow
  3. surface that is at an angle of less than 90
  4. take place
  5. take air into the lungs and send it out again
  6. wood used for lighting fires or as fuel
  7. the ability of land to produce crops
  8. people living in an area, city or country
  9. make on a large scale using machinery


  1. air
  2. soil
  3. slope
  4. happen
  5. breath
  6. fire wood
  7. fertility
  8. population
  9. manufacture.


1. Where did Rakesh live?

Ans. Rakesh lived on the outskirts of Mussoorie.

2. What did Rakesh do to the seed?

Ans. Rakesh planted the seed.

3. What happened to the plant when it was two feet high?

Ans. A goat entered the garden and ate all the leaves of the plant.

4. Why did grandfather scold the woman?

Ans. Grandfather scolded the woman because she had cut the plant into two.

5. Why did Rakesh like the tree so much?

Ans. Rakesh liked the tree so much because he planted it himself.

6. Why did he encircle the small cherry plant with pebbles?

Ans. He encircled the small cherry plant with pebbles to stop water while irrigation.

7. How does the cherry tree prove the creative power of nature?

Ans. It did not die even though its leaves were all eaten by a goat and it was cut into two with a scythe by a woman. It lived and grew in due course.

8. “Nothing is lucky if you put it away. If you want luck, you must put it to some use.” What did grand-father means by these words.

Ans. Grandfather meant to say that the seed of the cherry should be planted.

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